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Perhaps you recently discovered that your teen is looking at porn on the Internet. What’s going on in his thought life? Is he contacting people online? Is he/she addicted to pornography? RHC offers hope, encouragement, and resources for parents struggling with their loved one’s sexual sin. God has used us to heal and restore teens lives that were literally on the brink of destruction. We urge you to call or email us today.

Restoring Hearts Counseling is effective, affordable, and confidential. RHC combines the best of theological training, pastoral experience, graduate-level training and experience in professional counseling. We testify that God can help anyone find hope and freedom.

What kind of counseling does RHC offer?

We offer practical, affordable, pastoral, and professional counseling for teens struggling with purity issues, porn addiction, and sexual addiction. We also offer counseling for parents dealing with the heartbreak of sexual sin.  We also have experience working with issues like depression, anxiety, PTSD, abuse and trauma, and other addictions. The ultimate goal is not recovery or healing but an intimate and thriving relationship with Jesus Christ.

We can help regardless of your location

We counsel people across the country and sometimes internationally via phone or GoToMeeting (we recommend GoToMeeting when possible). We also counsel locally in our offices in Colorado Springs, Colo. We have been just as successful with our phone/GoToMeeting counseling as we have been with our face-to-face counseling. Additionally, phone and GoToMeeting counseling is often more confidential than having to visit an office, it allows for more flexibility in scheduling, and you save money in terms of transportation and traveling time.

How much does counseling cost?

Our normal price is $80 per 50-minute session, and we require a session every week for the first phase of counseling (usually this phase lasts 2-3 months). For those who pay one month at a time, we will lower the cost to $70 a session. This is a 16% savings. We do offer a lower rate sometimes based on verifiable financial need.

Does Restoring Hearts take insurance?

No, we don’t take insurance for several reasons. One, most people don’t want “porn addiction counseling” on their permanent insurance/medical history records. Two, we would have to charge more since the insurance companies want their share. Three, the insurance companies usually pay for a limited number of sessions.  We will provide you with the paperwork to submit to your insurance company upon request.

How long will the process take?

You can expect at least 6 months to a year. We have a lot to teach and model for your teen in the Recovery Process, and the ability to stay sober over a long period of time is one of the key tests of sobriety. Some teens can achieve sobriety for several months if they try real hard but as you already know, willpower alone is not sufficient. The typical Recovery Process is counseling every week for the first 2-3 months; it is usually every other week from 4-8 months; and by then you are doing well and we taper off from there. A few people have completed the process in less than a year, and a number of people have spent longer in counseling. A lot depends on how deep your teen is in the addictive process,

What results are possible?

We see a lot of victory and transformation through our counseling. We have worked with hundreds of teens through the years. These teens ranged from basic porn and masturbation addiction to teens engaged in high risk sex and situations. However, no matter the depth of their addiction, these teens have achieved amazing results in their recovery and more importantly their walk with God. We expect success when we counsel teens but also remember that we ask a lot of them.

What’s the bad news and good news about sexual addiction?

The bad news is you need to take sexual sin very seriously. Read the Scripture. God does not tolerate sexual sin. Purity is absolutely essential to intimacy with God. And yet we live in a world and in a time when sexual sin is everywhere and instantly accessible. Furthermore, your teen may lose everything if they continue in their compulsive behaviors; sexual sin is progressive, you keep getting worse, it is the nature of addiction. Literally countless porn and  sexual addicts have lost their marriages, their kids, their jobs, their money, their lives, and worst of all their relationship with God for the sake of sexual sin. Of all addictions, this is probably the hardest to break (you can pull up sexual thoughts in your brain anytime you want). The vast majority of people—if not all—will not break free on their own.

There is good news! God really does set people free. Help is available. You can get the needed support by calling us at 719-644-5557. This is what Restoring Hearts has to offer. Contact us if you are serious and ready to take the first step in leading your teen to a life of freedom. The truth will indeed set them free, but they must first learn the truth, then believe it, and finally, live by it. We are here to help guide them through this life-transforming process.